I was just reading DK’s post on what you are doing on the night before polling day, and this message popped into my mind.

There are a couple of references to the video above. In this new millennium, the demographics of Singapore is as diverse as the global origins of the Planeteers, regardless of where we come from, on this very day, we call Singapore home. And thus, with our powers (votes) combined, the power is ours.

It is for us to decide if history will be made in the 24 hours time, or will history repeat itself. As such, I sincerely hope that each and every person going to the polls tomorrow is not going to be frivolous with his/her vote. Though you might think that how can your single vote affect the outcome, this is a case of collective power, each and every vote on Polling Day matters. To borrow an old chinese analogy of a single chopstick vs a bunch of chopsticks, it is a time for us to either stand united or fall divided.

I shall end this post with the following 2 videos. Come 8am on Polling Day, your vote will decide the headlines on 8th May 2011. Stick with the Status Quo, or Vote for Change, which will you choose? Remember, The Power is Yours!