Just read this article on the ST Online Forum. Was surprised that such letters are published, albeit online.

In it, the writer actually wrote about why there is a discrepancy in the jackpot for this Friday’s draw (23rd July 2010).

He argued that there was no winner in the Monday draw, which had a jackpot of S$3.3m, so the snowballed prize should be S$5m. This, together with this Friday’s GSS Jackpot of S$5m, should add up to S$10m, not the S$8.3m that Singapore Pools estimated.

Come on, they have auditors for such lottery draws, ranging from 4D to Toto and Singapore Sweep. I’m pretty sure they would have notified Singapore Pools if the jackpot was estimated wrongly. Seriously, have we really run out of things to write about and publish in the forums?

That said. I bought my Toto tickets today, at the Singapore Pools just beside the clinic, while waiting to see the doctor.  Have you bought yours?

Good luck to everyone! Huat ah!