Friday was the first time in the week that I actually drove to SGH to visit my dad with my mum. Now I understand why my dad said that parking was a nightmare and insisted on taking public transport on the day of admission.

We arrived at SGH around 11.45am, just before visiting hours which starts at 12 noon. We entered via College Road with the intention of parking at Car Park G which was close to Block 5 where my dad was warded. To our dismay, the car park full indicator at the entrance was on. We drove on and rounded the main building only to find queues at the entrance of  Car Parks C and E.

We then tried our luck at Car Park B which was a coupon parking car park. We drove around the car park and found cars waiting at every corner for available lots. We gave up trying to get a lot there and decided to go back to Car Park G and queue at the entrance.

While driving out of Car Park B, I saw a sign pointing to a car park at HPB, and it was not full. We drove in to take a look. To our delight, we found a basement carpark with lots of available parking space. We parked at a lot near the lift and proceeded to visit my dad. During the visit, a friend of my parents who was working at SGH dropped by to see how he was doing. It turns out that she also didn’t know about the car park at HPB, which was just opposite of her office building.

So on the way back to the car, I decided to take some photos and blog about this ‘undiscovered’ secret. Though it might be a distance away from the main SGH building, I would prefer parking there because it is a basement carpark (great for not getting wet when it is raining), and since it is just beside the walkway to the MRT, it is sheltered all the way to the main building (no umbrellas needed). The most important point for an impatient person like me is that I do not need to queue or waste time waiting for a lot.

Oh, and did I mention that it is cheaper than the other SGH parking on week days?  Its 51 cents for every half hour, just 1 cent more than URA coupon parking.