Today, I begin my sabbatical leave.  Time really flies, I have been working for the past 10 years and maybe I am long overdue for a break from work, literally.

I’m not talking about the usual annual leave that we are entitled to.  I’m talking about an actual break from work where I can ignore most phone calls and emails for an entire month.  When my boss offered me the chance to go for this break, I jumped at it.

The mobile phone is a great invention which brings people closer than ever, but I come from a generation when mobile phones never existed and you can be a hermit for awhile without worrying about missed calls and SMSes.

Anyway, so it begins.  A whole glorious month away from work.

I chose for the leave to coincide with my dad’s surgery so that I can be around to settle any loose ends, if needed.  Will be writing an entry about that later.

A custom that is usually associated with sabbatical leave is setting personal targets to be achieved during this period.  So here goes, my personal targets are as follows,

  1. Blogging!  Wrote 3 entries before this, not counting the introduction one, and the last one being more than 2 months ago.  Pretty pathetic right?  Hope to blog every weekday of my leave, on anything and everything I do.
  2. Going to the gym.  Target to go to the gym every weekday, and go on the treadmill.  Hope to lose some excess fats and weight.
  3. Spend more time with my boy.  He is growing up so fast and will turn 3 next month.  Hope to spend more time with him and bring him swimming every weekday afternoon.
  4. Do my own things!  After I started working, everything I do day in, day out seems to be a routine.  Hope to be able to just bum around and go wherever I please, whenever I please!

Think that’s about it.  Especially with the last one, it seems to cover whatever I want to do, whenever I decide to do them.  Will blog about it as I go!!

Cheers to time off!!!