Last Wednesday, on one of the rare occasions that I drove to work, I encountered an incident which reminded me of the accident that happened involving the Romanian diplomat last month.

With all the high profile traffic accidents that happened recently, I would have exepected drivers to be more cautious on the roads. How wrong I was.

While at a junction outside a school, an embassy car that just dropped off a child at the school, cut into the lane of oncoming traffic. At first, I thought the driver was just impatient and wanted to move to the front of the queue which had two cars in front of him. When he did that he nearly hit a pedestrian who was trying to cross the junction (there were no proper pedestrian crossing as it was a small two-lane road). The pedestrian immediately whipped out his phone and took a photo of the license plate. But the best was yet to come.

What happened next was a blatant flout of traffic rules. The driver waited for the traffic from the right to clear, cut perpendicularly across 4 lanes and traversed a double white line to make a U-turn. All this in front of a school and with another U-turn 200m ahead. The worst part is that he probably does this every school day morning. It really is an accident waiting to happen.

I suppose having a special license plate does make a difference. If anything goes wrong, you can always go back on reasons of health.