I was never a big fan of egg tarts. To me, they were just another form of dessert.

After reading a tweet from DK, I was intrigued that KFC would sell something so different. You can reason that eggs come from chicken and all that, but come on, oriental desserts from a fried chicken chain?

The urge to try was reinforced by an advertorial post from Sheylara. It seems that this menu item is not new and has been sold in Hong Kong, Taiwan and some parts of China.

I chanced upon a KFC branch on Friday at Bukit Panjang Plaza after dinner and decided to buy half a dozen for $7.50 ($1.25 each) to try them out.

Here are some photos of the packaging and the egg tarts.

I don’t recall fancying any of the egg tarts I previously had, so I can’t really make any comparisons.

On the whole, the tarts were quite good and I had two of them about an hour after dinner. The custard filling was firm and fragrant and not too sweet. The pastry was just nice, flaky and crisp, but not enough to leave a crumbly mess. It was on the smallish side, hence the need to inhale two. d8

I had another after brunch the next morning. It felt a bit more oily than I remembered, but the texture of the custard and the pastry was not compromised.

It could be due to the hype that I noticed this and tried it out, but I would definitely go back for more if I have cravings for egg tarts in the future.


  • Firm texture of custard filling
  • Frangant and not too sweet
  • Crisp and flaky pastry


  • Small
  • Oily if left overnight