Succumbing to the Empire

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30th January 2010, the day has finally arrived.

Today is the day that I succumb to the temptation of the evil empire of Apple.  I have for the longest time, ever since the first iPod arrived in 2001, told myself that I will not be enticed by the products from the empire.  The irony of that resolution is that the thing that got me interested in all things IT was the Apple ][.  But that’s a story for another day.

In the past 8 years, I have successfully ignored all the Apple products that were released, from the original iPod to the iPhone 3GS, until recently, that is. With the announcement of the iPad on Wednesday, I thought that my first Apple product would be the iPad.  However, with all the pre-announcement hype, the specs of the iPad was really underwhelming. From the lack of support for Adobe Flash to the use of micro SIM and lack of phone features in the 3G version, it seems that the iPad will only appeal to die-hard Apple fans.

Anyway, back to the original story, my darling 2 year-old son got his hands on my sister-in-law’s iPhone and started playing Bounce On.  From then on, when he saw any device that remotely resembles an iPhone, he will keep asking to play the “ball game”. He even attempted to raid my sis-in-law’s bag when she wasn’t looking during a recent family dinner.

That, together with the demise of my cheapo Aigo MP5 player (the LCD cracked when it dropped from the high chair – shouldn’t expect too much from a China-made, China-branded product), gave my dear wife the perfect excuse to suggest buying an iPod Touch (actually, I was toying with the idea of buying one, but it’s always good to have a scapegoat to blame when yielding to temptation d8).

So, off we went to EpiCentre at Ion Orchard this morning to shop for one.  As luck would have it, this weekend is the opening of a new EpiCentre store at 313 Somerset, and there was a UOB credit card promotion, which bundled a silicon case together with the in-store promotion of a wall charger, additional in-ear earphones and smartwrap, with every purchase of an iPod Touch. After much deliberation on which model to purchase, we decided to get a 64GB model.

Here are two photos of the ‘spoils’ of our shopping trip,

Now to figure out how to develop apps on the device. I wonder if I can develop iPhone/iPod Touch apps on Linux or Windows, or do I have to buy a Mac?


Hello blogging world!

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Been procrastinating on my blogging attempt ever since our li’l boy came into our lives a few years ago.  He’s almost 3 now, so that’s an indication on how long I’ve procrastinated.

Anyway, here’s how people in IT start off something new.